Nathan King

I am a Computer Science PhD candidate at the University of Waterloo. My research focuses on computational methods involving closest point surface representations, with a particular interest in geometry processing and physics-based animation applications. I also have experience with other common surface representations, e.g., level-sets, point clouds, and meshes. I am supervised by Christopher Batty (UW) and Steve Ruuth (SFU).

Prior to starting my PhD, I developed computer vision/image processing algorithms in the marine radar industry for 2 years. I completed my MSc in Applied and Computational Math at Simon Fraser University in 2015. I received my BSc in Applied Math and Physics (Joint Honours) at Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2013.


Nathan King and Steven Ruuth
Solving Variational Problems and Partial Differential Equations that Map Between Manifolds via the Closest Point Method
Journal of Computational Physics (2017)
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Course Projects

Thin Shell Simulation with Environmental Stimuli
CS 888: Physics-Based Animation
University of Waterloo (2019)

Grayscale Image Compression Using Wavelets
MATH 719: Harmonic Analysis
Simon Fraser University (2014)
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Segmentation of Piecewise Constant Grayscale Images
APMA 935: Mathematical Image Processing and Analysis
Simon Fraser University (2014)
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Research Scientist, Rutter Inc. (2016-2018)

Developed computer vision/image processing algorithms for novel applications of marine radar imagery. Applications included detection of icebergs, oil spills, open water leads, fast moving targets, and precipitation noise removal.

Sessional Instructor
University of Waterloo (F20)
Sessional Instructor
University of Waterloo (S20)
Teaching Assistant
CS 370: Numerical Computation
University of Waterloo (F18-S19, W20, W21)
Teaching Assistant
CS 484/684: Computational Vision
University of Waterloo (F19)